Phototgraphy that speaks

Without realizing it, we are led to art that speaks to us; that suggests a story, an idea or a feeling. Is the art in your home still speaking to you?

Choosing artwork, the type that inspires a second look is what Rene Defayette’s photography does. It’s an invitation to feel the story within the image. Distinctive, one of a kind, each piece – from street, architecture, shapes, textures, and colours, to the people he meets on his travels – beckons your curiosity.

Finding the right image can take time. This is just a sample of the images Rene Defayette Photography has captured. If you have a business that require head shots, or other more corporate photos to represent your company or brand and what you do, Rene does that as well.

If you require more information, or wish to view more of his work, reach out to Rene here.

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