Capturing essence in still photography

As a world traveler, Rene strives to bring a unique perspective to the images he takes. As one client remarked “that’s a picture worthy of National Geographic.” Whether they’re man made structures or people, street art or nature, Rene seeks to find the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Distinctive and one of a kind, his photography appeals to those who see art not simply as décor, but as an invitation to feel the story within the image.

Set to motion with cinematography

Rene’s work with videography stems from his fascination with the art of story telling within a commercial. He loves the need for the story telling to be concise while including the important story elements into an inconceivably short time frame.

The challenge and skills to achieve this inspired Rene to create his cinematography business, Motion Cinematics. Since its establishment in 1999, he’s found a niche in the corporate sector. Initially the videographer, he’s become an expert in audio and as a freelance producer. The success of his business has allowed him to bring a dynamic and highly skilled group of video experts together.

Ready, set, action

Just as you would expect for a Hollywood movie, creating a topnotch product requires a team. Rene has done just that. The team is diverse in skills and ages with the unifying element, talent. From Directors to Colourists, Scripting and Editors, Audio to Post Production. Each member brings their own unique technical and artistic skills to the project.

Photography or videography – it’s all about the story and Rene Defayette helps bring it to life.


Toronto • Las Vegas • New York City

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